The value of giving back to your community and the advantages of doing so

You will never regret giving your time to support a cause that you are passionate about. It will enrich your life, introduce you to your community, and introduce you to people and ideas that will have a good impact on your outlook for the rest of your life. Volunteering in your community allows you to grow as a person and gain a deeper understanding of how you fit into the world. Giving back is an important aspect of establishing your identity and solidifying your place in the world.

Growing up as a girl child

Growing up can be difficult, especially when there is a lack of support from those around us, we feel depressed, disappointed, anxiety builds up, there is not a moment when we are not overthinking. Being a women can add to this already existing trauma, they are Not considered capable of earning money, seen as economically and emotionally dependent on men, While they help with domestic duties during childhood and adolescence, they go to live with their husband's family after marriage, which means less help in the household of their originating family, and most importantly loss of money.

Speak Out, Stand Against Rape

Speak Out, Stand Against Rape 

Let me start by saying "log kya kahenge, log kya sochenge" this norm of the society needs to change, this is the biggest problem which has buried so many voices before even it goes out of one room.

A number of rape cases in India in the past few months have put a spotlight on the issue of gender-based attacks in the country. Women Tweet on Violence: From #YesAllWomen to #MeToo, #stoprape #antirape #Hathras.......

Life Purpose

One could be lost because you couldn’t define your life purpose? Everywhere I turn, I read or am told I must find my purpose to be happy. What I mean by “life purpose” I am talking about defining a specific action that you can dedicate your entire life to. Purpose means doing something that has a positive effect on others, giving or sharing something that has a strong emotional outcome on yourself and others, or working to change a social structure that might not completely happen in your lifetime.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women and men have exactly the same worth

—they are made in God’s image with equal value. Together they more fully reflect the God who created them than does either alone. But yet we are often taught that we value in the world was based on our looks, our demeanor and the confidence we exuded. What is a Woman Worth? Is it just today on International Women’s Day!