Productivity not so puzzling

Productivity not so puzzling

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

This is often the questions HR mangers ask while joining, but do they ever give you an answer or ask you this question ever again?. Why does the growth process stop. 

Think "community" rather than "machine."

Clearly, some training needs will be universal, and will apply to many, if not all, of your team members. However, everyone on your team is unique; they have different skills, different levels of understanding, and different responsibilities and objectives. Training and development shouldn't follow a "one size fits all" approach if you want it to be effective. One needs to understand the member, how they can follow up this needs to be the first step of development. 

Job Descriptions and Multitasking don't go hand in hand.

Imagine that there are two projects (A and B) that need to be done and each one of the two takes 1 week to be completed. Now, let’s say that your colleagues start working back and forth on the two projects, without focusing their attention on neither one of them. Both projects will be finished after 2 weeks, however trying to do as much work as possible will delay Project A for 1 entire week with no benefit to Project B.

Instead, when your team members concentrate on one project at a time, they will be able to finish Project A within 1 week and Project B within 2 weeks.

Workplace Stress

Increased stress levels in an organization is when your team members are being overburdened with too many tasks at once. Imagine seeing your colleagues constantly distracted by the next task that they need to work on and not being able to focus their attention on one thing.

Lack of trust

“Keeping good employees begins and ends with trust. Leaders who don’t trust their employees often micromanage them, constantly questioning their decisions and requiring them to seek approval on everything they do. High performing employees don’t typically need this level of oversight. Instead, they thrive in environments where there is a high level of trust and autonomy.

Little to no opportunity for growth and development, no advancement opportunities

One of the top things most applicants are looking for is future growth or promotional abilities. Each persons growth should be a plus point, not to be overlooked. Yes company needs to grow but at the same time employees need to too. 

End Note: Businesses nowadays do not require bosses but instead leaders who drive change and carry their companies forward.


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