Why Seminars and Workshops are Important - Being on the other side

Why Seminars and Workshops are Important - Being on the other side

A graduate degree program is demanding. In addition to your classes, you may even be working a full-time job. So why should you give up some of your precious time to attend seminars and workshops?
Unlike lectures, where a speaker will address the audience, seminars and workshops are held by someone acting as a mediator. This allows for opening up the floor for discussion about the business world and hearing about other ideas on the topic – in a setting that encourages conversation.
I still recollect the day i got a call from Amar Naik a faculty at Saraswat Vidyalaya's College of Commerce & Management Studies, Where I saw an opportunity to teach people about CMS. I think that we spend so much time overthinking and over-stressing about things that our last performance is negatively affected. This was certainly the case for me with public speaking.
Honestly, I asked myself, why was I so afraid? What is the worst thing that could happen?  is that going to matter in a year? Or two? The answer is no.
I was not an experienced guy yet then but I stood to  believe that teaching others can have great benefits for me. end of that day I was ready to take up the challenge and announced to take part.
What I really enjoyed was questions from the audience. People ask me a variety of questions from how to do something to how I started programming. For me, it was a great experience. I was able to teach others and learn from it!
In a matter of a few months I got a great opportunity from SJ Innovation to held a week-long workshop for college students, This was a great learning experience for me, It was two-way learning, I shared knowledge and gained a lot. At times I wish only if I had the same opportunity to attend this type of workshops during my college days.
Today after conducting another workshop at Goa Multi Faculty College, Dharbandora .Thank you Sandesh Gaonkar for inviting me  I felt that conducting these workshops is  a way of me giving back to the community. It also made me realise how difficult is teaching jobs, as students we never understood the teachers, we felt is an easy job until I was on the other side. They do the most difficult job of all, yet they did it with a smile. 

That was just the beginning, there after I have given a number of workshops. Apart from giving workshops, the day I got an invite to be  the chief guest for the Inaugural function of the Intercollegiate IT event “IRIX 2018” at Parvatibai Chowgule College of Arts and Science(Autonomous) was an achievement for me. That made me feel in on the right track. 
At the end of every workshop I  think over So, how did the speech go? I could replay it in my head a million times and find moments that could have been better, but I was very proud of what I have achieved. I received excellent feedback that I’m keeping on hand for when I have another opportunity to present on stage. 


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