Getting Started with Drupal - Post-Workshop Summary

Getting Started with Drupal - Post-Workshop Summary


Post-Workshop Summary
Getting Started with Drupal
June 7th, 2020

Workshop Organizers:
Host: Joshua Fernandes

Co Host: Stanley Fernandes

Recorded session link:
Feedback link:

Summary: What was covered
-- Installing Drupal
-- Installing Drupal modules
-- Adding, creating and moderating content
-- Creating user accounts and managing permissions
-- Adding, removing and reordering menu links
-- Assigning SEO-friendly URLs to pages, and having them generated automatically
-- Creating and positioning blocks
-- Tagging content with the Taxonomy system
-- Content Types and Views
-- Creating custom content types
-- Adding fields to content types and customizing their display
-- Handling uploaded images, including automatic resizing of images
-- Linking content together with reference fields
-- Creating dynamic lists of content with Views (pages and blocks)

During the open question rounds, user cases were discussed from the participants, also a suggestion for upcoming sessions were taken from them.  Following listed below to discuss. Feel free to add to the list if anything else is needed.
- Building a Drupal Commerce site
- Drupal 7 to 8 migration
- Custom module development
- Working with hooks
- User points management using rules
- Theme installs and sub theme creation

A reminder for all to create a Drupal user profile those who have still not crested. Visit

Resources requested by participants

Drupal learning resources:

Chat with the Drupal community using Slack

Drupal Standards:
- PHP CodeSniffer - Command Line Usage

Most Commonly used Drupal Modules:
- Chaos Tool Suite (ctools):
- Token:
- Paragraphs:
- Admin Toolbar:
- Webform :
- Address:

Drupal Modules to help increase SEO:
- Metatag:
- Pathauto:
- XML sitemap:
- Google Analytics:
- Redirect:

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