Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Women and men have exactly the same worth

—they are made in God’s image with equal value. Together they more fully reflect the God who created them than does either alone. But yet we are often taught that we value in the world was based on our looks, our demeanor and the confidence we exuded. What is a Woman Worth? Is it just today on International Women’s Day!

Mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, leaders, entrepreneurs and angels you will find at least one, and some may be all of those and more. Femininity, modesty, discretion, virtue, and graciousness are reputedly relics of a bygone era- Instead, the “ideal” woman of our age is glamorous, sophisticated, aggressive, powerful, outspoken, career-minded, independent, self-sufficient, and sensuous. She wishes no one and nothing. She is in control of her very own life, as well as the humans and occasions around her.

When we place the power to define our worth in someone else’s hands, we are often told that we only want to be wanted. This artificial script leaves us with an extremely narrow role: to be a pleaser.

Women want the men in their lives to be feminist allies who want to look the girls of their lives succeed each bit as plenty as they need to experience their very own success. Men need to take time to understand and well known a woman's energy and respect her for all that she brings to their relationship. Women must take delivery of the same appreciation that guys offer other men. Open conversation that occurs often and tactfully is essential. Honesty is another "make or break" trait: Don't give someone any reasons to doubt you. Taking duty for moves and behavior.

Women need men to reveal kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion. Regardless of the form of relationship, ladies and men have to be considerate of every different emotions. When we speak about "Emotional Intelligence " ladies are more Emotionally Intelligent Than Men. If the other person is upset, or the emotions are disturbing, women's brains generally tend to stay with those feelings. But men's brains do something else: they experience the emotions for a moment, then tune out of the feelings and switch to different brain regions that try and clear up the hassle this is growing the disturbance.

In evaluation to men, who have a tendency to be career-centric and need to maximize their monetary go back from work, girls view work more holistically, as a aspect in their overall life plan. Women are remarkable leaders because we're in a position to stability professional and private management skills. They make the effort to listen in preference to reacting right away.

“You can’t please everyone, and you can’t make everyone like you.” - Katie Couric

Each one is different, unique in its own way. Different things, ways make what you are today.

Every woman ought to experience the liberty to guide her personal life, make her very own choices. Every girl within the structures of families must be a frontrunner nonetheless in her personal proper and no longer be pushed to a nook when it comes to choice making.

Throughout these cutting-edge years, our focus could be directed in the direction of emphasizing the need to create a culture of safety for women. Safety is important to a person’s wellness and immensely impacts one’s high-quality of life. Lack of safety for women stands in the way of women living lives to their complete potential. It is a reality that even these days the most vulnerable human organization in any a part of the world are women and children.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing women today?
- The lack of women in positions of power, Sexism, racism and economic inequality, Navigating career and motherhood, Most important Not Speaking Up, Standing for them selves, Thinking about the society before hand.

But yet we see women leading us by examples,

#MeToo movement, #acidattacksurvivor

"Every time you raise your voice for your own freedom, to be who you are, you are also fighting for those around you."

“It might seem irrational that we are spending so much time and effort to find resources to fuel her dreams, rather than get her married. However, we feel that education is equally important for a girl child.

In fact, my advice to all mothers and fathers who have daughters is to by no means ever underestimate what a girl can achieve. Girls are just as capable as boys. Girls and boys have aspirations which might be similarly important, and mother and father must make certain they believe in their kids and inspire them. My husband and I are devoted to supporting our daughter and her dreams.”

Bollywood has reached a stage where filmmakers are becoming more driven and focused towards highlighting the societal troubles, women empowerment, biopics and other inspirational stories that would be remembered for a long time among the audience.  Queen, No One Killed Jessica, English Vinglish, Mardaani, Pink (‘No’ Means ‘No’), Guilty #metoo

Before we ask ourselves what we can do to deal with troubles of protection for girls and the woman child, we should don't forget why they face these types of violence and what motivates or instigates the perpetrators to exhibit such behaviour.

We need to undertake ourselves to rethink our definitions of ‘women’s empowerment’. We want empowerment that starts off evolved from within – wherein we educate a female to apprehend her fee and worth. But this is only half of the paintings done. The other half is with how we teach boys and men. Teaching them to respect ladies as equals is crucial.

All the women out there, Including the women I do not know personally, Don’t underestimate how much you have influenced my life.

You opened my eyes to the problems women face, just like each person else face. It ultimately made me realize how men are slaves to toxic masculinity. Inspire me with your ability to juggle millions of things at the same time. To a large extent, you have made me who I am. 

While the entire world talks about women today, On International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to raise boys better.

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