What is a Woman Worth?

What is a Woman Worth?

"To value oneself you must first know your worth." Very true, Saying this I would like to write down a few things from my life experience things i saw around me, through family, friends. Women and men have exactly the same worth—they are made in God’s image with equal value. Together they more fully reflect the God who created them than does either alone. But yet we are often learned that our value in the world was based on our looks, our demeanor and the confidence we exuded. Even ambitious women who appear totally confident on the outside, often fear that they’re not smart enough, not skinny enough, not fat enough(Am I too skinny), not nice, not funny, not pretty enough and the list keeps growing long, but not the same for everyone sometimes they be just so clueless as one can be, Not knowing what to do, which leads to just being a girl.

She will have so many thoughts in her head, work stress, family problems, relationship issues, and yet she is being strong, will have a smile on her face, will continue to do things everyday, she will not let anyone know what she is going through, tough is is broken from inside, yes sometimes it just unbearable and it does come out, but then they control themself and get back to their daily routine they are the superheroes in the real world. Sometimes they overeat, overspend and overwork because we feel like something is missing or broken within and keep trying to prove themselves. A girl needs to be strong not just physically but definitely mentally, they need to fight to be worthy to be alive, fight to be seen and acknowledged, they need to fight for their 'place' in their family and in the common community specially filtered through their family's belief systems, that trained them how they should be and not what they want to be. Time now needs to change, women need to take a stand, they need to know how to be independent, take decision and stand up to them, All this can only be possible when they realize their self worthiness. To know their worth all need to work together, family, friends and most important the person herself needs to try to realize her worthiness. We should know that it's often risky, and at times deadly, for a women to push back against this collective opinion, So we need to stand along her support her decision, If not support at least not get in the way. You need to  believe they you worthy of love and don’t question how someone feels about them. They know that they are good, competent, and lovable and trust that the right person for them will see this.

“A good marriage is each for the other and two against the world.” Marriage is a very big decision in life, A girl leaves behind so much her family and make so many compromises, Its the man job to keep her happy, support her, make her life worthy, he should be ready to fight the world for her, if he cannot be all this, he is not worthy of the girl, and should not get into marriage. And a girl should not abandon important parts of herself or her life for the sake of the relationship and if a guy wants something else or something more than she’s willing to give, she should leave, she should act on how she feels and is comfortable being their true, they should not be  afraid to walk away when something isn’t working and the thought that they won’t be able to find better or that they will wind up alone doesn’t cross their mind, At this time they need a lot of support especially from family, friends they need to be their for them. She is a woman, mother, daughter, wife, sister so many roles to play and she does it so much grace. She is strong, smart, crafty and can be very  passionate, but she sacrifices all that for their love their children, this is again when the self worth gets lost. A wife sacrifice so much first for her family then her children, she thinks so much about whom she else are in the run she forgets that she is more important than the rest. She thinks about her family her children how will they be, what will happen to then, always crying about the loved once. Being in a relation with a women will teach you a lot of things, how to respect, love and show gratitude, she will show you what real trust and to believe in some is, She will nurture you, fight for you when need, but you need to know her worth and not take things as granted. To be a man is not just to be strong and responsible but you should know how much she deserves and not to give her anything less then that. A woman is not just a wife, daughter, sister, mother she is worth more than that.

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