Boost SEO Performance

Boost SEO Performance

Form my recent work on SEO, I discovered making the site SEO friendly is very much necessary. The today's internet, digital world its a must. All this year I have been working with Drupal and using metadata and an open graph to make a site, SEO friendly, past few moths I came across and found it really amazing how you could control the display of events, webpages in the search results. Easy to use and one can easily learn to use it.
If you are a Drupal freak, you should check out this Metatag

What is Schema Markup?
Schema markup, found at, is a form of Microdata. Once added to a webpage, schema markup creates an enhanced description (commonly known as a rich snippet), which appears in search results.

How is It Done?
Schema Microdata is placed in between the content of a page to define exactly what it is and how it should be treated. And it is quite simple and you don’t need to learn coding for that. provides you a list of the most common type of schemas or markup vocabulary that can be understood by all search engines. You can lift the tags from here to add to your HTML to improve your page appearance.

Not to Forget Open Graph
Does Schema replace Open Graph? NO
Open Graph is a type of markup used by Facebook to parse out information like what image and description to display. Schema provides a more detailed list of options than Open Graph. They can be used together, but Open Graph cannot be used in place of Schema.

Types of items described by Schema

Structured data can be used to mark up all kinds of items from products to events to recipes. It is most often used to provide additional information about the following:

    Creative work

A full list of items you can mark up with Schema is available here.

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