Introduction - Distance learning solutions

Introduction - Distance learning solutions

Distance learning solutions

In response to the Covid-19 scare, many schools have moved online and parents seem to have assumed the role of teachers and are becoming more savvy with resources created for home-schoolers to cause minimal disruption to their children’s education. The main purpose of this session is the provide ways in which we can overcome common issues faced during this transition.

Known Issues 
- Understanding the tools used.
- Internet availability, network speed, Limited bandwidth.
- Parents Availability.

Planning to conduct a session on the first topic as a start.

Understanding the tools used.  
Tools to be covered in this session.
- Using Google Meet as an interactive tool
- Using Zoom as an interactive tool
- Creating a YouTube channel and using the same to upload content.
- Use of google drive. (Creating an email list and sorting videos content as per class and subjects)
- Creating what app groups class wise.
- Creating email groups 
- creation, discussion groups
- Use to offline tools, like uploading content on pen drives, etc. (may be once a week it can be distributed to parents maintaining social distancing)
- Use of antivirus tools.
Any other tools information is needed, please let know. 

Internet availability, network speed, Limited bandwidth. 
- Having content uploaded to drive
- Creating interactive videos and uploading them rather than interactive sessions.
- Sessions can be helped once or twice a week in smaller batches. 

Parents Availability. 
- Understanding parents needs and problems
- Maintain excel files with the list of parents 
  -- Number of children 
  -- A class in which they study
  -- Availability of laptop, media devices (no of devices)
  -- Timing of each student

Please feel free to contact me for any more information, or to conduct smaller sessions in groups. Mostly available Saturday and Sunday.