Growing up as a girl child

Growing up as a girl child

Growing up can be difficult, especially when there is a lack of support from those around us, we feel depressed, disappointed, anxiety builds up, there is not a moment when we are not overthinking. Being a women can add to this already existing trauma, they are Not considered capable of earning money, seen as economically and emotionally dependent on men, While they help with domestic duties during childhood and adolescence, they go to live with their husband's family after marriage, which means less help in the household of their originating family, and most importantly loss of money.

"This is a Man’s World" this stupid label is the root cause of all problems. Sharing the household and parenting responsibilities is important. It’s how the children learn how to live in the real world. If a boy sees his father out working and his mother at home, he’s more likely to want his wife to stay at home and him work even if she doesn’t agree. These stereotypes seem to cause more harm than good when you examine them closer. I know there are women out there who love being stay at home moms and wives, but they also know that they can do anything they want.

Working to bring more independent is an important way to advance the cultural change we need and sometimes-difficult decisions we need to make. If you're waiting for someone to recognize the value you bring, you may well be waiting forever. Recognize your own worth. You need to self believe yourself, and not the way others look towards you. If you don't believe you have anything worth saying, how will others have confidence in you? Believe in yourself and do the things you can do and prove your capabilities. Stop trying to be a pleaser, you cannot make everyone happy, sometimes self happiness is important, if you don't make a point to make yourself happy you will always be thinking about others and make your life a misery.

"Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, and mirror what you admire", Make a point to follow your passion, self belief, yes it will be hard to do, there will be ups and downs, sadness, loss but ultimately you will be towards the things you believe in.

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