Service To Solution Providers

Service To Solution Providers

The IT sector has evolved over the last few years from being a service supplier to a solution provider.

This shift has been prompted by the expansion of business-to-business markets, where the market is more complicated and requires that each customer's demands be met individually with a single offer. Solutions are thus described as tailored offers for intricate client problems that are interactively created with customers and may include parts from many providers. The value produced exceeds the value of associated services or products taken separately. The value created is greater than that of related services or goods alone.

The transition from being a service provider to being a solution provider is driven by these key factors:

  • Focus on the customer: Customers want their providers to work closely with them during the design process and want to be involved in it. As a result, companies must start forming partnerships with their clients, which calls for solid ties between the departments of sales, marketing, and technology.
  • Focus on the industry: Technology companies like Microsoft or Apple, who have developed their own software platforms and ecosystems around them, have historically dominated a number of industries. The traditional IT sectors are being disrupted by a number of new technologies such as blockchain, AI, and machine learning, among others, thanks to open source innovation. This implies that smaller firms will have greater chances to enter these industries by supplying competitive solutions on top of already-existing platforms or through collaborations with well-established players.

It makes sense why there has been such a shift in consumer behaviour toward solutions rather than just goods or services alone when you combine this concept with the premise that people have gotten more and more dependent on technology.

Solution providers' services are more expensive because they go well beyond basic break-fix support. They research your idea, offer potential answers, and then propose a special answer made just for you.

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