Software Developer vs Solutions Developer

Software Developer vs Solutions Developer

You would say what is the difference, but let me tell you it does differ in a very big way. Only Changing my Designation on Social media to "Solutions Developer" did make a huge difference to how people look at me now.

A software developer will get things done, no matter how but he will make sure you get it. The ultimate goal of a software developer is to get the job done, a typical follow order guy, you need this I will provide you that. He a straight forward person who follows

- X is needed

- Okay. X is developed

- X is Delivered.

Now let me tell you, being that you are getting the job done, but what about building a relation, here is why being a solution developer is a must.

A solutions developer will Ultimately get the job done, But will be more organised

- Requirement gathering and analysing.

- Creating system architecture.

- Prototyping.

- Software development and coding part.

- Discussions with clients.

- Troubleshooting

- Deployment

- Following up

- Handling hardware and networking part also sometimes

- Giving demonstrations

- Many more like testing , team leading ,etc

From my professional experience building a relation with the client is a need in today's growing world of technology, one can get the job done from anywhere but a level of trust and relation is what today's clients are looking for. They want someone reliable and efficient  a one who can understand them as of what they want.

Solutions Developer: Focuses more upon

How the technology can be used to solve a given Client's problem?

Which individual frameworks, platforms, tech-stack can be used to create a holistic solution?

How the application will look like? What all will be the Modules? How will they interact with each other?

How will this arrangement scale in the future? How will it be maintainable and extensible?

What's the risk in third-party frameworks/platforms? What if one (or more) of them goes out of market and/or stops supporting?

When shall we know that we could "Successfully" solve the Client's Problem???

In turn, giving a "Solution" to the Client's Problem!

In Short a Solutions developer is the one who understands the client's problem provides him the best possible solution without having any hidden agenda of his own.

Which I learned from the company I am currently employed with SJ - Innovation - Where employee happiness generates client success.

"To continuously improve customer service by providing consistency in quality, productivity and timeliness. This is accomplished by enabling our employees to achieve greater happiness and professional satisfaction through excellence in customer service." -- Company Vision :- SJ Innovation

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