What Drupal taught me

What Drupal taught me

There is no end to what we do as our journey from fundamental php to extensive use of it in CMS starts. Never, ever allow yourself to become stale in one area; progress comes from change.

It taught me that while growing alone would leave me helpless, doing so in a group only makes me stronger. Both contributors and evaluators benefit much from working with the community. Learning is challenging and sometimes frustrating. This is particularly true when we discuss learning new activities like crossfit or challenging our minds while learning to code. Although the process is challenging, nothing is better than completing it and receiving ongoing assistance and support from such a community. One of the reasons why Drupal is such a big CMS with a huge growing community is because diverse team members provide varied viewpoints and the synergy between team members can yield creative and productive results. It's also beneficial, in my opinion, because we can all learn from one another and balance out each other's faults and talents. Drupal taught me what it is to be adaptable; the community is best characterised as a problem-solver.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
- Carl Bard

Well said; in keeping with this, Drupal has expanded from its starting point. Drupal 8 is currently in widespread usage, while Drupal 9 is in development. With every modification, we receive a better version with more enhancements and reliability. We cannot undo the changes, so we must only improve it for future iterations. 
As we say, the first step in growth is to educate our consciousness to be more stable, in my opinion. Awareness becomes significantly less jumbled with time. As our consciousness sharpens, we begin to clearly see things that most people never see.

In short Drupal gave the following Characteristics 
- To become happier
- To become irreplaceable to my team
- To stay humble
- A great coach

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