What Drupal taught me

What Drupal taught me

As the journey began from basic php to advanced use of it in CMS, there is never any stop to what we do. Never ever let your self get stuck at a certain place, change is growth.

It showed me how to grow in a community, alone ill be lost but taking all together will only make me stronger. To work with the community is great for contributors and evaluators. Learning is tough and can be frustrating. This is especially true when we talk about taking on new sports like crossfit, or pushing our brain to the limits trying to code. But although the task is hard, nothing is greater than reaching your accomplishment, and constant help and support from such a community. Different team members contribute different perspectives and the synergy between team members can produce creative and productive results, That is one of the reason why Drupal is such a growing CMS with a huge growing community. I think it's also a fruitful process in that team members with certain strengths balance out people with certain weaknesses and we can all learn from each other. Drupal showed me what is to exhibit flexibility, the community is best describes as a problem solver.

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending."
- Carl Bard

Well said, following this Drupal is growing from where it initially began. Drupal 8 now being widely used, 9 is in development, with each change we get a better version, more enhancement and stability, We cannot revert the changes but make it only more better for the ones to come. 
Growth as we say, the first step I feel would be is to train our awareness to be more stable. Over time, awareness becomes much less scattered. As awareness becomes more collected, we start to clearly see things that many people never see.

In short Drupal gave the following Characteristics 
- To become happier
- To become irreplaceable to my team
- To stay humble
- A great coach

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