Drupal 8 Module Development

Drupal 8 Module Development

Drupal Module Basics:
-- Module programming fundamentals
-- Drupal code standards
-- Creating custom-programmed Drupal blocks
-- Implementing custom block access
-- Creating configurable blocks

Routes, Menu Links, and Services:
-- Creating static and dynamic menu routes to map URLs to your custom page code
-- Adding and enforcing permissions and custom access callbacks
-- Defining menu links, local tasks (tabs), and action links
-- Altering routes and menu links from Drupal core and contributed modules

The Database API:
-- The module lifecycle: install, uninstall, update
-- Creating tables on module install: The Schema API
-- The static query API
-- The dynamic query API
-- Accessing external databases from Drupal
-- Using EntityQuery to query Drupal entities like nodes, users, comments, etc.

The Theme API:
-- Using render arrays
-- Defining your own templates with Twig
-- Defining libraries of CSS and Javascript

The Drupal Form API:
-- Creating forms in Drupal
-- Form validation and processing
-- Changing forms created by other modules

The Configuration and State APIs:
-- Storing and retrieving configuration values
-- Providing default configuration with your module
-- Configuration schema
-- Storing runtime values with the State API

The Cache Metadata API:
-- Using cache metadata to specify invalidation rules for cached render arrays
-- Understanding cache tags, max age, and cache contexts
-- Creating custom cache tags, and how to invalidated tagged caches