One Day Workshop - Getting Started with Drupal

One Day Workshop - Getting Started with Drupal

Drupal is a free and open source Content Management System written in PHP. With Drupal you can create a simple personal homepage, a company website, a blog, an ecommerce site, etc. Hundreds of modules are available for use with Drupal. You can create slide shows, events calendars, a contact form, product catalogs, polls or surveys, guestbook, a forum or blog, or newsletter signup. The possibilities are endless. Basically, there are no limits with Drupal, you really can make any type of website you want. 

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Getting Started with Drupal

  • Drupal is a CMS
  • Basic architecture of Drupal
  • Manual installation on a web server
  • Uses of Drupal
  • Troubleshooting

Administration and Site Maintenance

  • Understanding users, roles and permissions
  • Creating menus
  • What are nodes?
  • Managing URLs
  • Taxonomy overview


  • Themes and Blocks Explaining the module architecture.
  • Configuring the blog, poll, forum and webform modules Themes overview.

Content types and Views

  • How content works with Drupal
  • Creating custom content types
  • Adding new CCK modules: Date, Email and Link Using Views to display content


  • How themes work
  • Ways to create your own theme
  • Sub-theming with the Bootstrap

Drupal Website

  • Creating a Drupal 7 site (Practical)


  • Good understanding of HTML. CSS and PHP knowledge would be helpful but not required.


  • local *AMP development environment that supports PHP and has a MySQL database.
  • Wifi enabled laptop