Data analysis

Using IBM SPSS and Excel Together to Analyse Employee Attrition Data

Excel and IBM SPSS were the tools that I relied on to get the job done while I was working on a recent assignment project for HR Analytics that involved analysing employee Attrition. Excel was wonderful for managing the smaller datasets and basic data visualisation, but the sophisticated statistical analysis tools of IBM SPSS were essential for analysing the bigger and more complicated datasets. Excel was great for handling the smaller datasets.

Machine learning for Internet Dating: From Likes to Love

Although dating apps have grown in popularity in recent years, not everyone finds success with them. In this article, we'll look at seven reasons why many individuals find dating apps to be ineffective. Modern technology is swift enough to switch between brands, apps, and technologies quickly if one does not meet a user's needs within the first five minutes of use. This is also a reflection of the increased competition brought on by this rapid pace.